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Andrea Cloud - Nature Photography - Medford - Oregon - 221007-001.jpg
© Andrea Cloud

Soothing imagery for your home
that gives back to the community

Andrea Cloud - Nature Photography - Medford - Oregon - 200929-022.jpg

Andrea Cloud

Want to Change
the Atmosphere?

You want your home to be comfortable and comforting, a refuge from the chaos. You also want to do your part to change things for others and positively impact your community.


You know that finding peace in our troubled world is tough, but you desire that for you and your loved ones, as well as for the hurting people in your community. You want to work with an artist who understands that peace and love are meant to be shared and lives that out.

Reconnect with what inspires you
while supporting a cause close to your heart

Whether it’s serene images in nature or special glimpses of wildlife that are your “happy place”, you will find a variety of imagery to cultivate tranquility anew in your home.


The best part? Your “happy place” artwork generates donations and empowers you to vote for a non-profit of your choice, so you can share love, encouragement and resources with those who need it.


I’d love to connect you with beautiful nature inspired imagery that speaks to your soul

Artwork that is custom fit for your home is easier than you think.


Whether you’re making a selection from my wide array of  nature photography, or commissioning an alcohol ink painting, I will lead you through the simple process. I will listen to what you’re looking for and we’ll talk about the best options for you.


Using specialized tools, I can show you what your artwork will look like on your wall so that you can choose the ideal size for your wall. You will already have confidence before you purchase that it will look great in the space you’ve chosen.

Start Now
Andrea Cloud - Nature Photography - Medford - Oregon - 231004-299.jpg

“You capture the very height and depth of Heaven

wrapped in humanity.”

                -Bobbie, client, Oregon (Commenting on one of my portraits.)


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