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Hi! I’m Andrea. Nature is my favorite playground. Exploring the beautiful complexity in the details of tiny organisms and plants, as well as basking in the magnitude of mountain ranges and water, in all the places it gathers, photographing marvels as I go, delights my soul. 

I've been enjoying nature and landscape photography since I could hold my Dad's old 35mm camera up to my face. I still gasp and giggle, several decades later, when I come across a waterfall, or discover the remarkable intricacies of the fauna and flora along my path.


I’ve had the unique opportunity to live in several different countries, including spending 7 years in Guinea, West Africa. Travel and adventure have been woven throughout my life, thanks in large part to my parents. I invite you to journey together with me as I share the beauty and glory of this wondrous planet we call “home”.

Andrea Cloud - Nature Photographer - Oregon 221223_001.jpg

Looking for an Experienced Mentor?

If you're artistically inclined and wondering where to begin the journey to be able to create art that you can share beyond your circle of friends and family, meet my mentor, Matt. 

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