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Art for Good!

Let’s be part of the solution—Together!!!

“Art For Good!” is a community engagement program I developed to reintegrate us with our communities, and provide extra resources for those who are in need. Healing Waters Gallery will be donating 10+% of profits to organizations who serve the underserved and vulnerable in our communities.  Non-profit agencies will be chosen by popular vote quarterly. As a way to spread the love around, each non-profit is only eligible to be awarded the 10% donation for their voted upon timeframe once each year. As of November 1, 2023, over $1900 in products, services and monetary donations have been given by Healing Waters Gallery to local non-profits. Join us and be part of something good!


Website visitors are invited to vote for which non-profit receives my quarterly donation from sales profits. Votes can be cast monthly. Any visitor registered to vote through my website may participate, but each person is only allowed to register one email address for voting purposes. Clients who have made purchases are awarded extra voting privileges, and all voting is done online.

Subscribe below to be notified when this new program launches so you can vote!

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