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Christmas Gift Bundles!

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'Tis the Season!

Christmas is right around the corner. I greatly appreciate you considering supporting my small business, as well as the veteran-owned small business who created my puzzles, (made in Oregon), as you do your Christmas shopping!

From now until the end of 2023, for every paperback book that is purchased, I will donate an ebook to those serving overseas, or families separated by incarceration. I created these bundles with those separated by distance in mind, as I was when I served in Africa for 7 years. I can't get back those years of missed story times and connection with my 6 nieces and nephews, so I decided to create something that enables others not to miss out on those precious memories. Every child deserves special story time with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. This is my way of supporting and encouraging that connection for others. I also want to model the "Sharing is Daring" theme of the book. Thank you for joining me in sharing love and connection with others during this season of giving!

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Gift Bundle Options

Offer ends December 15!

#1 The Book Bundle

#2 The Double Book Bundle
+ Puzzle
+ Hummingbird Wonderland Bonus

#3 The Puzzle Bundle
+ ebook Bundle
+ Hummingbird Wonderland Bonus




     -The Adventures of Buzz Lightspeed paperback ($12 value)
      -The Adventures of Buzz Lightspeed ebook ($10 value)
      -Safari ebook ($10) value)
     +FREE SHIPPING ($10) value)



$42 Value


     -The Adventures of Buzz Lightspeed paperback ($12 value)
      -The Adventures of Buzz Lightspeed ebook ($10 value)
      -Safari ebook ($10) value)
      -A second paperback copy of The Adventures of Buzz Lightspeed ($12 value)
      -Your choice of a Tiny Tin collectable travel puzzle, including a print of the image (Hummingbird to go with the Buzz book, or Elephants by Kilimanjaro to go with the safari book.) ($15 value)
      -A Hummingbird and Butterfly Wonderland Planner Guide to create your own garden to make an inviting home for hummingbirds in your own yard! ($10 value)
      + FREE SHIPPING! ($10 value)



$79 Value


     -6 puzzles (you choose how many of each of the 2 designs: hummingbird and elephants) (Value $90)
-each puzzle comes with a small print in a collectable tin
*Special offer option: You can also choose a 6 month puzzle subscription!

     -The Adventures of Buzz Lightspeed ebook ($10 value)
      -Safari ebook ($10) value)
      -A Hummingbird and Butterfly Wonderland Planner Guide to create your own garden to make an inviting home for hummingbirds in your own yard! ($10 value)

*The subscription option is only available if there is enough interest, as new puzzle designs will need to be created.
 +FREE SHIPPING! ($10 value)
(Only applies to 1 delivery.)



$130 Value


Why buy a gift bundle?


  1. More connection opportunities

Why buy a Gift Bundle?

Create countless regular connection opportunities for “story time” with your favorite little ones.  Your favorite kiddos get the paperback copy and you have the ebook so that you can read to them face to face, and also from a distance, over the phone or on a video call, like zoom or FaceTime, if you can't be there in person for bedtime.

   2. Teaching important life lessons

You get the satisfaction of teaching important life lessons (like sharing) to the little ones in your life, in addition to learning educational facts about wildlife as you read together.

 3. Watching kids discover

You get a front row seat to witness the awe of children as you explore together rare photographs from the typically hidden happenings of the world’s smallest bird (and their many expressions!), in addition to the larger African wildlife pictured in the Safari ebook.

4. Quality time activity options

Enjoy several activity options to spend time with loved ones. The books are perfect for story time, over and over again. Puzzles are a great option for slightly older kids. For those who love the outdoors, you can begin planning your own Hummingbird Wonderland Garden using the planting guide included as a bonus with Bundles #2 & #3.

5. The opportunity to bless others x3

A) A minimum of 10% of profits from every purchase goes directly back to the community. AND, you can register to vote for which non-profits receive those donations! Check out the "Art for Good"  tab on my website.

B) Every paperback purchased sends a donated copy of the ebook to families who are separated by overseas service or incarceration.

C) Your supporting my small business AND the small business who created the USA-made puzzles!

Pine Trees

Limited Time Offer!

Offer ends December 15, 2023

Who on my list might be a good fit for the different bundles?

#1 The Book Bundle:

+Kids, Grandkids, nieces/nephews (especially those who don’t live nearby)


+elementary teachers

+daycare providers and those who work with young kids


The Book Bundle, with the ebook package is uniquely designed for be a special treat for both the children receiving them and the giver. Not only do the photographs in the books show great color and detail (I bet you never imagined hummingbirds had so many facial expressions!), they’re enjoyable for all ages.


Including 2 ebooks is intentional, and specifically so that you can continue to share “story time” with your favorite little people, no matter where you live. We hope that you get to be there in person with the children you love when they open the book from you and read it to them. But the ebooks are included so that you can always have storying together, no matter where you live!  You can choose to read to them over the phone, or do a video chat so you can enjoy their delighted expressions while you read.  However you choose, we want this gift to be much more than a book. We want to provide opportunities for you to have special connection time with the little ones in your life, no matter your geographical distance.


2) The Book Bundle + Puzzle Bundle


+Kids, Grandkids, nieces/nephews (especially those who don’t live nearby)


+Elementary teachers, daycare providers, those who work with young kids

+Puzzle lovers

+Animal lovers

+Bird watchers


(Puzzles aren't intended for children 3 & under)

You get all the benefits of the book bundle PLUS the opportunity to purchase additional books and puzzles at a discount if you have more than one kid in your life. The added BONUS of the Hummingbird and Butterfly Wonderland Garden guide shows you how to invite your own hummingbirds into your yard, which is another connection opportunity with the kiddos in your life! The last BONUS: FREE SHIPPING!


3) The Puzzle Bundle + ebook Bundle + Hummingbird Wonderland Bonus with extra options!

+Those who have several kids for whom to buy gifts, (sugar free) stocking stuffers!

+Puzzle lovers  *There’s even a puzzle subscription option for those you want to remind of your love throughout the year! (*Offer subject to a minimum participation level.)  (Puzzles aren't intended for children 3 & under)

+Animal lovers

+Bird watchers



+RVers, college students, and others with limited space

+Those who love collectables-each puzzle comes in it’s own unique tin with the image on the cover, plus a print!

How to order additional copies:

If you're interested in ordering additional books or puzzles at a discount, email me so I can create a custom order for you.


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Our vision is to bring peace into each heart and home through the beauty of art and nature, while sharing love and hope with the hurting in our community as we serve and give back to our neighbors in need.

Our Process

We use only the highest quality acid-free, archival materials to ensure our artwork is of the highest standard, and will last for generations.

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